About Me

Hi, I’m Deepa . I love cooking . There is nothing I like better than going home and cooking my family a nice meal.also Love To cook variety (traditional Maharashtrian , south Indian , international etc… dishes with the healthy ideas 🙂 

Living a healthy life doesn’t mean you have to live on a piece of lettuce. Thank god! On the contrary, I want you to enjoy food and I want that food to be good for your body as well. I encourage people to continue eating their guilty pleasures, but than in a healthy way!

You will be able to find my  recipes made by other groups & my www.eatathomes.com site . At the end of each article you will find the link for the recipe with the detailed instructions.

I hope you enjoy everyone of them and don’t forget: always put a little love in all your recipes, they will definitely taste better! :)enjoy cooking with me. follow my page,  read the recipes, try and send me a feedback. Thanks