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Home made cottage cheese / Paneer Recipe


 What do you do when a packet of milk gets spoiled?
 Yes, a lot of things can be done from spoil milk. In today’s post we will see How to make Cottage Cheese/Paneer out of spoil milk.
Why to discard something if something nice can be made out of it? yesterday forget to heat a milk and this 1 1-2 kg milk spoiled…so m quite happy to make paneer out of it…

Paneer is a fresh, unsalted Indian cottage cheese which is widely use in indian curries and sweet dish.


Store brought paneer is little hard and full of chemicals .. just try this easy homemade paneer recipe you will love the output…

Homemade panner so soft, yummy & richy as compare store brought.

Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it.   (-Ezra 10:4)

तू उठ, क्योंकियह काम तेराही है, औरहम तेरे साथहै; इसलिये हियावबान्धकर इस काममें लग जा। 



1 litter   Full Fat Milk


2 tbsp   lemon juice or Vinegar 




Heat spoilt milk .
Add lemon juice or vinegar after little milk bubbles.
after milk started to curdling texture.*
Strain the spoilt milk using a muslin cloth.

Let all the whey get drained.

Tie it tightly and keep heavy weight on top it.*

Let it remain tightly tied for 4-5 hrs.

When you untie the muslin cloth, you will get paneer.

Cut this into cubes and use this to make a variety dishes like paneer makhni , paneer makhanwala, palak paneer etc..

This can stay fresh in refrigerator for 2-3 days.

WAIT to till milk curdle texture then it’s ready to drain. .*

Do not keep too heavy weight on paneer its affected on it’s moisture .*


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