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how to prepare ghee

how to prepare ghee
One of my favourite natural fats is Ghee, I absolutely LOVE it. Ghee  Is in my daily cooking  like chapati , ladoo , peda, kheer (payasam)  cookies and cakes. etc .

Ghee Provides Essential Vitamins in  our body its Provides Essential Healthy Fats too.

how to prepare ghee
 Ghee (clarified butter) / साजुक तुप is Low In Fat , Digestion and also Strengthens our  Immune System.
In Maharashtra ( Mumbai ) we brought Vijaya or Sagar ghee. so costly and not pure too…in here  best quality milk to make this ghee . after boiling get big thick fat layer on top..😀😀😀
Method (how to prepare ghee)
milk fat  (दुधाची साई  )
  • boiled  milk , (use as you want to drink  or , tea etc.) 
  • after that  balance milk keep in fridge overnight , next day 
  • you will get a thick fat layer
  • collect this fat layer in container
You can buy Amul fresh full fat cream if milk fat  (दुधाची साई  ) is not available.
its long process to make ghee…to collect everyday s milk fat etc…but cooking process is easy.
how to prepare ghee
 हमारी आध्यात्मिक ज़िंदगी और हमारी हमेशा की ज़िंदगी इसी बात पर टिकी है कि हम ‘परमेश्वर के मुख से निकलनेवाले हर एक वचन’ से लगातार ताकत हासिल करते रहें।—मत्ती 4:4.
 our spiritual life, and hence our eternal life, depends on our being regularly nourished on “every utterance coming forth through Jehovah’s mouth.”—Matthew 4:4.
  • 4 cup Milk fat (दुधाची साई)
  • Pinch – Salt
Method(how to prepare ghee)
Keep all your collected milk fat in room temperature.
Churn the cream  with half cup of water in mixer 3 or 4 minute .
You will get butter or as we would call it ‘loni’. 
Once the butter separates it is then used to make ghee
Add the butter to a large saucepan over a low flame and let it melt
This should take around 12-15 minutes. 
A layer of white foam will appear over the surface skim it off with a spoon.
Let the butter simmer and bubble away for 20-25 minutes. (long process keep patience)
Make sure to scrape off the sides although there is no need to stir the bottom of the pan.
You need the milk solids to settle so you can see the layers.
( if bubbles r visible without any foam that means your ghee is ready.)
Skim off any additional foam that collects over the top and turn the heat off.
Strain  ghee in Glass container or bharni.

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your home made pure ghee is ready to bake cookies, to make biryani  or to roast parathas.
  • Its  very imp step To keep milk fat at room temperature  if  u  forget you will not get butter to make ghee. its just  whipped cream.
  • salt is use for preservatives purpose you can skip salt.
  • curry leaf for nice  flavor / aroma. (u can skip )
  • Make laddu / cake from ghee residue 

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