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jack fruit jam Recipe / Chakka varattiyathu Recipe

jack fruit jam Recipe / Chakka varattiyathu Recipe

Kerala is famous for its jack fruit(jack fruit jam Recipe / Chakka varattiyathu Recipe) , coconut, jaggery , Banana dishes and snacks. all of them jackfruit is only a seasonal fruit .here everyone  loves jackfruite . Keralite Household  make variety of chakka  / jack fruit dishes .Jack fruit chips, jack fruit halwa, jack fruit kheer and many other curries. 

In kerala Jackfruit Season come to end but always tend to eat jacfruit recipes all over the year. This preserve  can be used through out the year to make various Traditional C sweets. like Chakka Ada , Kumbiappam , Chakkappam, kozhikotta etc..

Jack fruit  jam / Chakka varattiyathu 

jack fruit jam Recipe / Chakka varattiyathu Recipe

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Riped Jackfruit       2 cup

Dark Jaggery          half a cup (optional )

ghee                      2 tbsp



Apply some oil on your palm and Cut a Jackfruit.

Remove seed from jack fruit.
Cut into pices or keep as it is

Keep pan melt jaggery with 1/4 cup water. Let boil this mixture ,Remove from heat & strain (this step to purify jaggery)

Pressure cook jack fruit / chakka with above jaggery syrup 

Pressure cook with 3 whistle

Cool & grind a paste.

Keep in airtight container in Frezzer.

(Optional steps for varrattiyathu)

Heat heavy bottom pan.

add ghee and sauteed above jacfruit – jaggery puree.

sautee like halwa texture.

your jackfruit preserve ready for Ada or  store in air tight container in Frezeer

Enjoy …


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