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Red Snapper Fish Recipe

Red Snapper Fish Recipe
Today in  my kitchen doing something a little different ..cooking a whole Red Snapper fish! … Red Snapper fish recipe  is delicious when grilled or bake with Peppers & Citrus.Oven Roasted Red Snapper  With Beans, Carrots, Tomatoes And Onions . You can baked this fish without oven just grease with oil banana leaf or folic paper &  wrap  above fish and veggies in banana leaf pack it tightly and baked in big kadhai/ Pan.  
Red Snapper Fish Recipe

Ingredients(Red Snapper Fish Recipe)
2 whole red snapper 
1 big onion
4 cloves garlic
1 tsp crushed black pappers
200 Gram whole Green Beans
1/2 cup Carrot
1 small Tomato    
2 tbsp sweet chili sauce 
1 lemon
2 tbs olive oil
Clean fish well with half lemons’ juice. 
Marinate the fish with olive oil , 1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce ( keep 1tbsp for final step), crushed garlic, lemon , crushed pepper, chilli flakes , salt and keep it in fridge 20 minute.
Cut carrot and  onion.
Take a pan Add 1/2 tbsp olive oil, salt & pepper mix well then add   whole beans,carrot and onion keep aside.
Place marinated fish & veggies in a foil  Bake fish in preheated oven on 375 degrees for 30 minutes. 
Remove fish and brush on the remaining chili sauce.
Return to oven and BROIL for 15 minutes.
Serve hot with baked veggies.
You can use any fish .
can skip tomatoes and add any your favourite veggies.
Red Snapper Fish Recipe

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