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Wheat grass Recipe

Wheat grass Recipe
Wheatgrass juice is  very strong and powerful juice which is rich in vitamin B comp, vita K, C,  E. It also contains loads of  minerals . wheat grass juice is natural supplement are power packed with 80 enzymes and 17 amino acids packed within one juice.

Combining wheatgrass with fruits is only way  to make the taste better.  so today In this Wheat grass juice recipe, we are combining wheatgrass and grapes 

40 ml Wheatgrass juice

15 Red Graps


First of all You need to soak black- red grapes in salted water around 30 min.

Grind fresh home grown wheatgrass.

Now add Grapes mix them all.

Transfer in Glass and Consume it while fresh.

Try it:  freshly grown wheatgrass salad




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