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whole Wheat Tea Cake Recipe

whole Wheat Tea Cake Recipe

MY Princess  are  always luv home made tea time cake…she  always saying ‘ mama make a cake(whole Wheat  Tea Cake )i always bake variety of tea time cakes for her which is not only tasty but health too…..

 Today’s cake is very healthy . पौष्टिक  गुळ आणि खजुराचा केक /   in this cake i m   using  jaggery instead of sugar and Whole wheat flour instead of Maida (all purpose flour)

Not only it tastes delicious but looks so good that no other decoration is needed and this makes it perfect for any occasion or family gatherings. This is a fabulous cake with easy recipe..

whole Wheat Jaggery Tea time Cake Recipe
तौभी उस ने अपने आप को बे-गवाह न छोड़ा; किन्तु वह भलाई करता रहा, और आकाश से वर्षा और फलवन्त ऋतु देकर, तुम्हारे मन को भोजन और आनन्द से भरता रहा।  

Acts 14:17 “Yet he did not leave himself without witness, for he did good by giving you rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, satisfying your hearts with food and gladness.”


Whole wheat flour        1 cup 
Dates                          14 nos
Milk                            1 cup 
Jaggery                       1/2 cup 
Oil                              1/4 and 1 tbsp 
Baking  soda                1 tsp 

Vanilla essence            1/2 tsp 

 Dates or tutti fruity     2tbsp
 choco chips           
Grease the pan 
Soak dates with milk and Jaggery for 30 mms
And make it a paste
5 times Sift whole wheat  flour 
(Do not skip this step this effect of crumby texture) 
Add baking soda
Add oil to dates paste and Mix well. 
Then add vanilla. 
Add flour mixture to dates mixture gently 
Do not  over mix.
Pour it to the pan tap a pan (1 times)
and bake this in preheated oven at 180 c for 25 to 30 mns
 (check with toothpick come out clean)

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